Google’s 5 Free Tools for your Digital Marketing Toolbox

Marketing world and technology are changing at a fast pace. In case you’re not refreshing your marketing toolbox all the time, you’re most likely very nearly falling behind. Business are tied in with getting the most valuable results for the money they invest, especially from their digital marketing campaigns.

The objective isn’t really to have the most recent and most prominent tools. It is rather to have those tools and technology which will give your business the most recent and most noteworthy outcomes. Here is a list of the top 5 free marketing tools from Google that will enable you to achieve your objective.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is an absolute necessity for any suite of analytics tools for a marketing campaign, and best of all, it’s totally free. Google Analytics is an all-in-one tool and its dashboard gives bits of knowledge into various traffic sources, online visits, demographics, behavior, SEO, web-based social networking and an abundance of other data.

If you aren’t already using Google Analytics, now is the time! This powerful tool is among the best on the Internet. It comes pressed with a large number of metrics and can be utilized to track exceedingly particular and pertinent conversion objectives. Connect it to your WordPress site and get the details that matter the most to achieve your business goals.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Dashboard

Need better insights into how sound your website is according to Google? Simply login into your Google Search Console account and connect it to your Google Analytics account. This tool will alert you about any warnings that could prevent your webpage from getting found in Google search results and enable you to examine your current website traffic so you can see how users are at present finding you on Google.

Google Alerts

Google AlertsExperts in public relations and marketing are very much familiar with the power and the value of Google Alerts. These are notifications from Google that alarm the subscriber of new or changed web content. We’re all busy individuals and don’t generally have the time to examine the web for the most recent and most noteworthy content on any given subject. But it is possible to be notified of every new content published on Google with this amazing tool that you must use.

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is additionally essential for competitive research. It demonstrates to you how regularly individuals are searching for a competitor’s brand on Google. The trend line will demonstrate to you how consistent this pattern is, if it’s going up, down or enduring.

Clearly, a competitor trend line that is slanting down is great for your business. A pattern line that is inclining up is terrible. A pattern line that is steady (the most widely recognized) implies a competitor is doing admirably well and you’ll need to distinguish their shortcomings and make those your strengths.

UTM Builder

Google UTM Builder

For becoming an advanced digital marketer who has a love for using Data Analytics, look at Google’s UTM Builder. This free tools encourages you to delve into your referral movement and see precisely where referral traffic is originating from. Referral activity normally just records the stage that drove a guest to the site like Facebook or Twitter yet doesn’t state which post drove them on your website.

To get down to these granular level details, use Google’s UTM Builder to add a little content to each URL that you use to make them trackable. This allows you to see which campaign referred traffic to your site.

Wrap up

Each one of these 5 free tools from Google can enable marketers to spare time and associate with more potential clients. While all the above tools are valuable, it’s best to begin by adding maybe a couple to your routine. When you master a couple of these tools, include another. By gradually utilizing all of these tools into your marketing routine, you’ll have the capacity to see their value for your brand image and won’t become lost in an ocean of new tools available on the Internet.

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